The Biscuit Brothers, Where They Belong. On YouTube.

Now, don't get me wrong -- Austin's Biscuit Brothers are most thoroughly enjoyed on your local PBS station or on DVD. But it's been a bit of a pain trying to describe the show with, you know, just words.

Relief for the word-challenged Biscuit-appreciating music writer is at hand, however, because the Brothers finally have themselves their own YouTube channel.

That's right, they have nine videos from the show posted on the site, ready for your viewing pleasure.

And I'm going to tell you which ones to watch first.

So, I'd start with the immortal "Chickens Playing Bongos," which has several things going for it, including the almost-always hysterical Tiny Scarecrow, lots of different instruments to learn, and chickens playing bongos. Sadly, the chickens are unseen, but otherwise it's a fun little vignette...

But there are eight more videos... Which ones should you watch first?
Well, every show features "Crazy Classics," which puts a humorous spin on a classical music warhorse. This one, "The Can, Can!" (which uses, of course, Offenbach's "Can-Can" as inspiration) is by far the favorite one we've seen in our household. The sight of the can buckled into the carseat still cracks me up.

"Tempo and You!" is a good example of the show at its most instructional. Which isn't too instructional, but I think it does a good job of getting its point across...

If you have a number of Biscuit Brothers-related CDs and DVDs, you'll probably grow tired of "Go Make Music!," but for the first 100 times or so, it's a cute little song, and this video is typical of the "Symphony Barn" performances they typically close the show with...

At any rate, there are five more videos at the YouTube page (including "The Tiger Rag" and the mockumentary "Musical Day"), so go forth and explore.