New Ralph's World Album -- The Rhyming Circus -- Due May 20th

Well, we've known about the title of the first Ralph's World album of all-new material for Disney Sound -- The Rhyming Circus -- for awhile now.

But now we have a date -- May 20th -- which, given that Dan Zanes is also releasing his new album on that date, makes it like the kids' music equivalent of Kanye and 50 Cent. Except I hope neither of them stops recording. (And I was just reminded that Frances England's new album drops that day, too. )

Anyway, the album will feature "rhymes such as wooly mammoth and sandwich, or squish and Lillian Gish." I also like a line mentioned from "Do The Math" -- “a new girl in class/Polly Hedron, a non-Euclidean lass”).

Tracklist after the jump.

1. The Rhyming Circus
2. Gotta Be Good
3. Edward, The Tap-Dancing Elephant
4. Polka Dot Shirt
5. Abby's Alphabet Soup
6. Do The Math
7. Rodeo Peg
8. Bad Bug Ball
9. Happy Not My Birthday
10. King Of The Alphabet
11. Finger Is The Singer
12. Folsom Daycare Blues
13. Watch The World Go By