Giant News: New Album from the Terrible Twos Due This July

JerzyTheGiant.jpgIf you've heard If You Ever Hear An Owl from The Terrible Twos, then you were probably excited to hear that the band was prepping its follow-up, Jerzy The Giant (that is, had I told you, which in some rush or other, I didn't. I apologize.)

Y'know, I was going to make you click through to see the album cover, but why should I make it difficult?

Oooooh, I like that. Jerzy the Giant is out July 28 on Vagrant.

(And if you haven't heard the very excellent Owl, by all means check out the band's Myspace page for some of the songs and read the review.)

Update: In case you're wondering, that fun illustration is from University of Kansas Associate Professor of Illustration Barry Fitzgerald, who met Chief Two Matt Pryor through, yes, their kids. Check out more of his kids' stuff here.