New Music from the Bummkinn Band (Enough To Fill A Ten-Gallon Hat)

While everybody and their dog is writing kids' rock and folk, there are still a few genres that are relatively open for new bands and musicians to make their mark, kid-wise. (There is, for example, virtually no kids' polka music, save for the occasional Weird Al Yankovic track.)

LA's Bummkinn Band is one of the few making country music for kids, and they've just posted a whole bunch of new tunes off their upcoming spring release -- love this title -- Rockin' the Yeehaw. (No, I have no idea what it means.) Where? At their Myspace page, of course. Six tracks, all off the new CD, and they're almost all a uniformly uptempo bunch, certainly more so than the songs off their debut CD, Starry Skies and Lullabies.

The band played a lot (probably all) of the tracks last September at Austin Kiddie Limits, so I'll recommend the two I mentioned back then, "Broke My Heart on the Swing Set" and "Crab Bit My Toe," along with the strutting "I Dropped My Ice Cream." They're aiming straight at the kindergarten set, but parents who can appreciate today's Nashville sound might find a few minutes skimming through the tracks worth their time.