KidVid Tournament 2008: The Bracket

It is time once again for the KidVid Tournament, the 2008 edition, where families come together by watching videos the way they were meant to be watched.

On the computer.

Over the next 2+ weeks, we'll be pitting 16 of the best kids' music videos from the past year or so head-to-head with readers voting to determine the best video of the year.

Who was the selection committee which decided the 16 best? Well, mostly me. Plus, well, some reader suggestions. (Gwendolyn and Andre 3000 thank you!) The seedings are below. The first two matchups will be posted Tuesday morning. Come back and vote for your favorites.

And remember: please, no wagering!

Ella Jenkins Region
1. Renee And Jeremy - "It's A Big World"
2. Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - "I Had a Little Dog"
3. Hollow Trees - "Animal Alphabet Song"
4. Andre 3000 - "Throwdown"

Leadbelly Region
1. They Might Be Giants - "Seven Days a Week (I Never Go To Work)"
2. David Tobocman - "Home"
3. Ellen and Matt - "Bounce"
4. Happy Monster Band - "I Will Be Your Friend"

Pete Seeger Region
1. Gustafer Yellowgold - "Pinecone Lovely"
2. The Squeegees - "The Elements"
3. Mr. Richard - "Cheese"
4. Asheba - "No More Monkeys"

Woody Guthrie Region
1. The Jimmies - "Spanimals"
2. Orange Sherbet with Hot Buttered Rum - "Campfire Song"
3. Eric Herman - "My Lucky Day"
4. Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang - "You Can Be Anything"