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    Baby Does Indeed Love Music

    I already talked about the ever-expanding Baby Loves Music empire, but apparently BLM founder Andy Blackman Hurwitz is taking it to heart. In this interview with's GeekDad, Hurwitz outlines his future release schedule:

    "Hip-Hop comes out April 1 [Ed. - that I've told you about], Salsa September 1 [Ed. - OK, that's been pushed back]. Blues (being produced by the North Mississippi All-Stars) is being recorded in the fall as is Reggae (being produced by Stephen Marley), and both of these should come out in early ’09."

    Whoa. That could be seriously good.

    While I think Hurwitz sells the rest of the kids music genre short -- he says,

    "I hate to be a music snob and like to think that there's some merit to anything creative so I don't want to come across as "dissing" other kids music - it's just that ours is created and produced by the best in the business, musicians with decades of experience in the art of songwriting and songcrafting and I think that's what makes the difference - REAL musicians."

    ... thereby indeed "dissing" the significant number of talented artists in the genre meeting that criteria right now -- I am impressed by the talent he is bringing to bear to all these different genres.

    I'm just waiting for the meta-overload of a "Baby Loves Kids Music" disk.

    (Hat tip: Idolator)

    Reader Comments (2)

    wow. I read the first half of this post thinking - "hey, maybe I really need to check these baby loves cds out. they sound better than I thought."

    But then I read the quote and whoa. Dissing, indeed. Why try to sell music (of all things) by knocking down colleagues? I'm sure he's got musicians who are among the best at what they do, but really...
    March 14, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterdebinsf
    Good kids music is hard to find. The stuff featured in this blog is the top 1%. Without resources like this it would be easy to conclude that it's all crap.
    March 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWinston

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