Baby Does Indeed Love Music

I already talked about the ever-expanding Baby Loves Music empire, but apparently BLM founder Andy Blackman Hurwitz is taking it to heart. In this interview with's GeekDad, Hurwitz outlines his future release schedule:

"Hip-Hop comes out April 1 [Ed. - that I've told you about], Salsa September 1 [Ed. - OK, that's been pushed back]. Blues (being produced by the North Mississippi All-Stars) is being recorded in the fall as is Reggae (being produced by Stephen Marley), and both of these should come out in early ’09."

Whoa. That could be seriously good.

While I think Hurwitz sells the rest of the kids music genre short -- he says,

"I hate to be a music snob and like to think that there's some merit to anything creative so I don't want to come across as "dissing" other kids music - it's just that ours is created and produced by the best in the business, musicians with decades of experience in the art of songwriting and songcrafting and I think that's what makes the difference - REAL musicians."

... thereby indeed "dissing" the significant number of talented artists in the genre meeting that criteria right now -- I am impressed by the talent he is bringing to bear to all these different genres.

I'm just waiting for the meta-overload of a "Baby Loves Kids Music" disk.

(Hat tip: Idolator)