KidVid Tournament 2008: Picking The Final Two Slots

One of my favorite events on this site last year was the inaugural edition of the KidVid Tournament 2007, which took the craziness of basketball's March Madness and married it to the craziness of the kids music genre. (I'm pretty sure nobody ever used the phrase "craziness of the kids music genre" before -- hey, I'm right! -- but whatevs.)

Well, the slightly sports-aware among might be aware that we're getting close to that time again and, yes, that means it's almost time for KidVid Tournament 2008.

But before we get there, I need your help. Because I only have 14 videos selected...

KidVid Tournament 2008 will include videos from the following artists (nicely arranged in alphabetical order, ever the organizer am I):

Ellen and Matt
Gustafer Yellowgold
Happy Monster Band
Eric Herman
The Hollow Trees
The Jimmies
Orange Sherbet
Renee and Jeremy
Mr. Richard
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke
The Squeegees
They Might Be Giants
David Tobocman

I'm looking to readers to pick the 15th and 16th videos. I will be running a contest here to pick one of the two "play-in" contestants and one over at Zooglobble's Offsprung outpost. Go here for the other contest.

Nominate your favorite(s) in the comments below. The video with the most comments will be picked, as long as the video conforms to the following rules (yes, I like rules):

1. The video has to be publicly accessible on the internet -- sites requiring registration to view the whole video will not be accepted.
2. The whole video has to be available (I call this the Disney Rule because the Disney website only includes truncated selections of videos). Now, if the video is available somewhere not on Disney's website... er, that's OK.
3. The video has to be from the past year or so. The song doesn't have to be, though.
4. Artists with a video already in the tournament (see list above) are ineligible for this final slot.
5. No videos recording live performances will be accepted -- c'mon, let's get just a little editing and creativity in here.

I reserve the right to modify the rules above to account for things I'm not bright enough to anticipate.

Deadline for nominations/votes: 8 PM West Coast time / 11 PM East Coast time Friday, March 15.

So show me what I've missed. And look for the brackets -- and voting -- starting next week.