The Last TMBG Post... Until the Next One

It's time I dial back a bit on the They Might Be Giants Here Come the 123s madness. The album's been out for more than a couple weeks, and there's plenty of other music to talk about. Before I completely turn things over to my Here Come the 123s archive, a pair of final thoughts.

First, my conjecture that the album might break the Billboard Top 10 proved too optimistic. Thus far, their peak chart position is #172. Given that Herbie Hancock's sales of 5,044 albums that same week put him at #159, it would appear TMBG probably sold just under 5,000 copies their first week. Now, given that they also debuted at #9 on the Kid Audio Chart, and only dropped to #10 in week 2, it's not unlikely that they'll continue to sell four or five thousand albums a week, especially given the ongoing promotion. But doubtful that they'll make the Billboard Top 10.

And for those of you who are already awaiting the next TMBG kids' album, the reported album on the planets and science is definitely a go. This article quotes a Disney executive as saying that the album could be released as early as next year. The podcasts will go on forever, one can only hope...