Video: "Home" - David Tobocman

As you might expect, I get a lot of e-mails from people who make kids music. Sometimes they include links to their own website (which I often peruse, if briefly) or perhaps YouTube videos. I've long since learned not to keep my expectations too high, which makes the occasional discovery that much more fun.

I'm clearly not the only person David Tobocman has e-mailed to let people know about his video for his song "Home," but that won't stop me. [Note: Tobocman let me know he hadn't yet e-mailed people, only the artist, and her post generated the viral popularity thus far...]

Tobocman's a southern California musician, and "Home" reminds me of nothing so much as the wistful songs on the soundtracks from another southern California musician, Randy Newman. The illustrations of Valerie Walsh make an excellent match. It's a great little video.

David Tobocman - "Home"

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