Baby Loves Other Types of Music, Too

Is there any stopping the Baby Loves Music empire? Uh, well, probably -- after last night's Grammys, anything can happen -- but I'm increasingly curious as the next two entries in the series show considerable promise.

First up is Baby Loves Hip-Hop features the story of the "Dino-5." The press materials say the CD "follows five best dino friends on a musical adventure as they teach key life lessons and have fun at the same time," which, I gotta tell you, sounds boring as all get-out, but then I read the participants, which include Prince Paul and members of Digable Planets, the Roots, and -- of course -- Jurassic 5. The "Dino-5 Theme Song" you can download at their website sounds much more promising than the PR. In any case, Baby Loves Hip-Hop is out on Baby Loves Music in April.

Next up is Baby Loves Salsa. The skeleton of the website for this CD throws a lot of names around that I, as a non-salsa expert, don't recognize at all. But the tune available for download, "Somos La Banda," is lots of fun. Between this CD and the new Dan Zanes album, it looks like 2008 is the year of Spanish kids' music. Baby Loves Salsa is out on Baby Loves Music in June.