Children's Grammy Nominations: A Nation Reacts!

OK, a nation isn't really reacting, but the nominees are. Some thoughts from some of the nominees... (Ed: Now with bonus Brady Rymer thoughts!)

The prize for wittiest reaction goes Richard Perlmutter, the guy behind the oft-nominated Beethoven's Wig series:

The greatest composers on high
Looked down from their perch in the sky
"Who's Perlmutter?" Bach said
Mozart just shook his head
Then Beethoven said, "One lucky guy!

Bill Harley, who is the defending Grammy winner in the best Spoken Word Album for Children category:
“I finished a show with my friend Carrie Newcomer on Wednesday night and was going back to the hotel when I turned on my cell phone. There were messages from a bunch of people – What’s that about? I wondered....that’s how I found out. A big gift, really. I’ve been through it before but, when I called Danny Dauterive from Montana Public Television to tell him, he was speechless and dropped the phone. It’s a big deal for them – and for me, too. It’s amazing still, and wonderful... I think Yes to Running captures what I’m trying to do and, with the audience I want to reach. I really am humbled.”
We also heard from Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet, of Trout Fishing in America, who picked up their fourth Grammy nomination:
When we got the call about our Grammy nomination, we were both surprised and excited. This was a big year for kids music and there were a lot of great CDs released. This is our 4th nomination, but the fact that we recorded and produced Big Round World in our studio in Arkansas makes the nomination sweeter. It's been so much fun working with kids in songwriting workshops to develop so many of our new songs. We love LA and we will be there!
Brady Rymer is the only first-time Grammy nominee in the music category -- his thoughts?
The nomination feels wonderful, and to receive it in a year that has produced so much creative, beautiful, ground-breaking, even mind-blowing music for kids & families is truly an honor. Our record label, Bumblin’ Bee Records, is a mom & pop independent (literally - my wife and I run the business), so it feels especially sweet for our work to be recognized on this level.

It may sound silly, but it’s just been really, really fun around here since we learned about the nomination. Friends and fellow artists have been getting in touch to express their congratulations and support. Even my kids are lookin’ at me differently. Impossible, I know - but I think I actually impressed them. I’ll enjoy that while it lasts.

My congrats to all the nominees, and to all the artists considered. It’s been an amazing, unprecedented year for children’s/family music - it must be a cool and crazy time to be a kid!

The Seattle Symphony picked up its 12 Grammy nomination for its part in recording The Shoe Bird -- “We are very proud of The Shoe Bird, in every way,” said Seattle Symphony Executive Director Thomas Philion. “The artistic quality of this recording is phenomenal, and it is a fun and engaging way to introduce children and their parents to the world of classical music."

They Might Be Giants put it very succinctly on their Myspace page: "Up for a second Grammy since December 3rd 2008!"