New Music (and Album) From Dan Zanes: "Jesus on the Mainline"

TheWelcomeTable.jpgUpdated post:
The fine folks at Festival Five have provided some clarification on the previously discussed The Welcome Table: Songs of Inspiration, Mystery, and Good Times mostly-gospel album. The album is coming out as an iTunes digital exclusive on Tuesday, December 23rd and an Amazon exclusive in its physical format on the same date. (Though I'd note that I just added the Amazon disk to my cart, so maybe Amazon didn't get the memo from Festival Five.) All other retailers will get the album (physically and digitally) on February 10, 2009. So yay for last-minute Christmas gifts (a gospel album is kinda appropriate for the season, no?)

If you want to get a sneak preview besides listening to the clips on the Amazon page, though, head on over to Zanes' Myspace page, where you can hear "Jesus on the Mainline" in its entirety. Nice rootsy gospel with some funky organ work to boot.

Anyway, here's the tracklisting...
1. Workin' On A Building
2. Up Above My Head
3. Get On Board
4. Granito De Mostaza
5. By and By
6. Roll the Chariot
7. In the Land of Egypt
8. Under the Sun
9. Oseh Shalom
10. Daniel In the Den
11. Jesus On the Mainline
12. Himno Guadalupano
13. Home In That Rock
14. Welcome Table
15. We've Been Down This Road Before