New Music From Rocknoceros: "Gonna Get a Haircut" and "Lucky Lindy"

There is no such thing as working out the kinks on your new music anymore, even in the kids music genre. Thanks to YouTube, we can hear artists try out their latest stuff.

Such as this tune from the DC-area band Rocknoceros. You'll have to get past 30 seconds of announcement-type stuff, but after that, a new tune from their upcoming Pink CD. "Gonna Get A Haircut" features sweet harmony, guitar solos, and the phrase "flattop." I think.

Rocknoceros - "Gonna Get A Haircut" (Live)

But wait, there's more!
That's right, another new tune -- "Lucky Lindy," which, given Rocknoceros' flight obsession is, unsurprisingly, about Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic.

edit: Missed the band's posting of the track from this weekend, too. Sound quality's a bit better on this one... Plus, black-and-white footage of planes!

Rocknoceros - "Lucky Lindy" (Live)

Rocknoceros - "Lucky Lindy" (Live)