Owls and Bogs: New Music from Charity and the JAMband

It's been awhile since we've heard from San Francisco's Charity and the JAMband, but Charity's just posted on her website a couple of tracks that she says are "a couple of the most-loved songs from my kids' time" at their preschool. You can stream or download a peppy "Rattlin' Bog" or a very atmospheric Wise Old Owl", along with chord/lyric sheets.

And for those of you wondering when we'll get another funky full album, she notes in her newsletter that it's...

"just about ready for the world. I've been singing about sunsets and moons and stars and dreams and owls and the light and love that inevitably shine through, despite, and because of the darkness."
She also is reluctant to call it a CD and calls it a playlist instead. But I'm gonna call it a CD -- I'm old school like that.