Music To Vote By

Arizona has early balloting, but even though I had my mail-in ballot, I took it to the polls this morning. I also took my kids. Given the historical nature of the election, no matter who wins (especially if you're an Arizona resident), I wanted Miss Mary Mack and Little Boy Blue to say they went to the polls on Election Day 2008. (Oddly enough, there were hardly any Obama or McCain signs at the polling place, so the kids got their photos taken in front of assorted signs for the Legislature, school board, and propositions.) They'll thank me when they're older, they will.

Even though you don't get a day off, Election Day is a holiday to me. A party for democracy, how aweome is that?

My sense is that my (United States) readership probably will exhibit a near 100% turnout this year, but if you need some more kids music to get you in the proper frame of mind to vote (or to register for the next election), Brady Rymer has posted "My United States," a bluesy roots-rocker that, well, lists the United States. Check out the rhyme scheme (and his take on "Mississippi") and listen to or download the track here.
Who could forget James K. Polk?

(Which reminds me -- TMBG have posted the totally kid-friendly "Vote and Don't" on their Myspace page for a limited time...

Or who could forget all the Presidents (minus the current and future one, though with a different possible future one), frankly?