Fresh Biscuit (Brothers) for Christmas

It's always good news when Austin's Biscuit Brothers have new stuff for public consumption -- and the Volume 3 of Go Make Music! I told you about a few weeks back, is so-close-you-can-taste-it available. (It's gonna be here any day now, they swear.)

But that's not all -- the Christmas/holiday episode I mentioned before is now available for PBS stations across the land to pick up for free to airing this holiday season. And in case you (or your local PBS affiliate) need some convincing, they've kindly gone ahead and posted some clips on YouTube.

Here's one of my favorite Biscuit Brothers Christmas tunes (they have a whole Christmas CD) featuring, of course, Tiny Scarecrow:

Biscuit Brothers - "The Best Christmas Ever"

And some more...
The previously-released but still amusing "Escape of the Sugar, Plum, and Larry"

And two more for your amusement...

"Sounds of Christmastime"

"12 Days of Christmas"