Podnoceros: Not a Dinosaur, But May Still Be Popular With Your Kids

What is it with the DC area and video podcasts? First Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer start their podcasts, now Rocknoceros have started their own "Saturday Morning Rocknoceros Podnoceros.

I've been following the podcasts since the beginning, but despite their good humor I didn't know how interesting their stories of who they are and life as a kids musician would be to people who aren't fans. (Though they probably should be.) But their latest podcast has two full songs -- "Blastoff!" and "Apollo" from their fine Dark Side of the Moon Bounce (review) -- performed live at the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum. There's even a slow-motion walking scene with the band in proto-astronaut gear and Coach Cotton giving a thumbs-up. Very space-y. Worth a looksee down below.

You can subscribe to the Rocknoceros YouTube page here. They're doing them every couple weeks, which suggests that the next one will be this Saturday...