I Always Preferred Micro To Macro

At some point a couple years or so ago, I decided to write the occasional "Review in Brief," reviews that were intended to be slightly less wordy than a full-on review. Well, fast-forward a couple years, and just like small cars inevitably become midsize sedans (Toyota Corolla, I'm lookin' at you), the only thing brief about my reviews in brief is, well, the time they were brief.

So I'm going to try to write micro-reviews occasionally. Not those 75-word reviews they make you write for magazines (those are not much fun to write), but much shorter than the 500-word or more reviews I end up writing. Call 'em "Itty Bitty Reviews."

(And, yeah, I think microeconomics rocks and macro... well, macro just puts me to sleep usually. There goes my shot at ever becoming Treasury Secretary, I think.)