"Glycerine" Is Really A Kids Song: Gavin Rossdale on "Rock Star Dads"

OK, not really.

Gavin Rossdale, the former lead singer for Bush, who's now a solo artist and parent with Gwen Stefani, chatted with NPR's Rob Sachs on being a "rock star dad." Best quote: When Sachs asks Rossdale what he does when his son asks about the dicier lyrics in his tunes, he says "sometimes I'll tell him in Spanish."

I'm amused mostly by the idea that "what music would you play for your kids" is a decision that is somehow dangerous enough that it's for a blog devoted to "life's most trying dilemmas, but not those life-or-death dilemmas, more the quandaries we face every day... the personal territory others fear to tread."

Um, not really. I spend a lot of time thinking and listening to kids music and music with kids, but it's not something worth overthinking for, like, the rest of the world. Not to mention pretty easy.