Concert Recap: Family Music Meltdown 2 (Austin, September 2008)

FMM2SignedPoster.jpgWell, it's been a little while, but the good times of Family Music Meltdown 2 are still in my memory and before they leave my memory, allow me to recap an excellent night of Austin-based kids music. It ended with a whole bunch of kids rockin' out with Joe McDermott and his band, but before we got there...
SPUFMM2.jpgFirst up was a quasi-acoustic set from Super Pal Universe, who played a bunch of originals, plus their cover of the always fun Sara Hickman singalong tune, "Your Red Wagon." In the YouTube below they do one of their originals, "Microphone." (I think that was the name. I was bad at taking notes at this stage of the weekend.)

MrLeebotFMM2.jpgNext up was Mr. Leebot, who brought his awesome guitar and assorted electronic doohickeys for a bouncy show. You know, it still kills me every time he refers to "Mrs. Leebot." Not sure why it does, but there ya go. The YouTube below is one of my favorite Leebot tunes "Come On Along."

JimmiesFMM2.jpgSo the Jimmies -- or three quarters of 'em anyway -- made a special guest appearance and did a version of "Cool To Be Uncool." The Leebot guitar, or one of the cords, went silent near the end so it was a particularly stripped-down version. "Unplugged," indeed.

TelephoneCoFMM2.jpgThe Telephone Company appeared on stage next, with the kids in prime paying-attention mode. (I just wanted to hear "Mustache," which they did. They also put giant animal heads on. Here's "Little Mermaid Time," from their forthcoming CD (though when it's coming forth is a bit of a mystery).

UncleRockFMM2.jpgUncle Rock was also kind enough to make a guest appearance -- here he is with his son Jack giving us "Rock 'n' Roll Babysitter."

LauraFreemanFMM2.jpgLaura Freeman was joined by her bassist Heather Jarry and continued to keep the kids entertained, a fact for which I have photographic evidence but, unfortunately, not video evidence. Oh, and I was occasionally following my nephew and/or daughter around.

JoeMcDermottFMM2.jpgFinally, Joe McDermott and the Smart Little Creatures took the stage and played a great set, as usual. The shot of the weekend for me, frankly, was when Joe invited kids on stage to play air guitar and a whole bunch of kids hopped up and rocked out. Joe ended with a slow-ish songs, the kids grabbed partners, and by 9 PM we were all tired but happy and ready to go home.

So thanks to all the artists, Bill for co-sponsoring, and all of you who showed up to listen and dance. Hope your kids fell asleep promptly.