New Album From Dog On Fleas On Its Way...

While we're talking about new albums on their way, heads up for a new release from the fine folks in New York's Dog On Fleas. Dean Jones from the band mentioned to me that the band has "shrunk and changed flavors," indicating that a couple long time members (Debbie Lan and David Levine) have moved on and the sound has changed a little bit.

But the new album, scheduled for a mid-November-ish release, is filled as always with lots of different instruments and lots of different friends, including Frances England, Uncle Rock, and Lorette Velvette.

Here's the tracklist along with the lovely cover art which, as always, is by Cindy Hoose.

BeautifulWorldlowres.jpg1 Beautiful World
2 Star Tonight
3 Do You Wanna Know My New Dance Step?
4 Water Planet
5 Beach Song
6 Dumpling
7 Lima Bean
8 Crawl To Your Mother
9 Where Would You Fly?
10 I Love Your Accent
11 Unbirthday
12 Sittin’ In The Field
13 Balloon Man
14 Birds Of A Feather
15 Babies