YAKMAFAA #253: Keller Williams

A couple years ago, I coined the acronym YAKMA -- "Yet Another Kids Music Article" -- to signify the wave of articles in the media (mainstream and otherwise) about the Kids New Wave. That wave (of articles not kids music) has receded somewhat, but I think it's time to coin a partially new phrase.

YAKMAFAA -- "Yet Another Kids Music Album From (An) Adult Artist"

Because the number of artists who normally make music for adults deciding to try their hands at the genre really is getting nuts.

So next up is Keller Williams, known for his laid-back vibe and awesome multi-instrumentalist and tape-looping skills. According to this article, Williams is now looking at the kids' music world...

Williams has a 4-year-old daughter and 6-month-old son, and one of his upcoming projects is an album for children. “My whole demeanor and performance style and writing style is very tongue in cheek in the positive vein, and I think it's very suitable for the kids' music industry,” he said. The songs, already written, speak to children in a “real way — maybe too real,” said Williams. “There will be a warning on the record that will clearly state: ‘Warning, not suitable for uptight parents over 45.'”
I think, then, that qualifies me as interested.

Keller Williams - "Freaker By The Speaker"