So Who Might Those 2008 Grammys Go To?

This is where my investigatory nature conflicts with my respect for intellectual property rights.

I have a number of the 51st Grammy Entry List ballot forms listing Grammy-eligible albums for the awards coming up in February 2009. But those ballot forms also have that tiny little copyright "C" at the bottom of the page, which makes me think that just printing the whole thing would probably not be a good idea. (Hey, I never said that this conflict would be a particularly exciting one that would make for a gripping and occasionally humorous movie starring George Clooney.)

So, after the jump I'm going to tell you about a few kids music albums that definitely won't be winning a Grammy next year.
As for best Musical Recording, there are 110 albums on the list. Those albums don't include releases from Frances England, Recess Monkey, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, the Harmonica Pocket, Randy Kaplan, Ellis Paul, and plenty more. Since the submittal process is up to the artist, their non-appearance on the list is not a function of lack of respect for the album, but rather, presumably, a lack of Grammy membership on their part.

Former Children's Musical Recording Grammy winner Dan Zanes isn't on the list, either, but never fear, Nueva York! is up against 84 other eligible albums competing for a nomination in Best Contemporary World Music Album.

The Best Spoken Word Album For Children category is much smaller, with just 31 albums on the list, including Hip Hop Speaks To Children (see here) and albums from Buck Howdy and Bill Harley.

If you're a musician, it's too late to become a NARAS member and pick your favorite nominees, but it isn't too late to sign up so you can pick amongst the nominees when they're named in early December....