Train Songs (Updated)

It's "Transportation Week" at Little Boy Blue's preschool, so I decided to put together a CD of transportation-related kids music to be played in his class.

Man, was that hard work.

I don't have anywhere near all my kids' CDs loaded on my hard drive, and even then, I had waaaay more good music than I could fit on a CD. (And, really, 2 CDs would've been overkill.)

So I've decided to update my list of train songs for kids.

If you've got more (and I know there are, there was only so much I could do), list 'em in the comments.
"Catch That Train!" - off of Dan Zanes and Friends' (DZ&F) Catch That Train!, of course
"Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" - also try DZ&F's Catch That Train!
"Wabash Cannonball" - many, try DZ&F's House Party
"Guysborough Railway" - try DZ&F's Night Time
"Rock Island Line" - try DZ&F's Family Dance
A whole bunch of songs on DZ&F's Parades and Panoramas
"Freight Train" - try Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Flower, also on Enzo Garcia's Breakfast with Enzo and the Saltminers' version on Family Hootenanny compilation
"Little Red Caboose" - many, try Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb's Catch The Moon (also Laurie Berkner)
"I've Been Working on the Railroad - many, try Laurie Berkner's version on Buzz Buzz
"New River Train" - try Raffi's version
"Choo Choo Train" - try Ralph's World's debut Ralph's World
"The Little Engine That Could" - try the Hollow Trees' self-titled debut
"Big Locomotive" - Peter Apel (I've Got A Dinosaur On My Head!)
"Train" - try Erin Flynn's version on Dreamers of Dreams)
"Fast Train to Grandma's" - Frances England (Family Tree)
"Aidan's Train" - Hipwaders (Educated Kid)
"Eastbound Freight Train" - try Johnny Bregar's version on Hootenanny
"Caboose" - Lunch Money
"The Train Song" - Medeski, Martin & Wood (Let's Go Everywhere)
"Choo-Choo Train" - Ralph's World (self-titled debut)
"Chugga Chugga Choo Choo" - Abby and the Pipsqueaks
"Train Medley" on Yosi's Under A Big Bright Yellow Umbrella that includes some (if not all) of the songs listed above.
James Coffey has an entire CD of train-related songs called My Mama Was a Train
John Denver did a train-themed album called All Aboard