A Whole Slew of Uncle Rock Videos

Fresh off his Austin Kiddie Limits weekend, Uncle Rock is coming out with his first DVD -- Number 1 DVD: Live From Kidtopia & Video Arcade -- very soon, and has posted a whole bunch of video clips from the DVD on his YouTube page. The DVD will feature 30 minutes of his live show from Kidtopia; 5 videos, including the great "Picnic in the Graveyard" and two new videos ("Playin' Possum" and "Nothin' Doin'"); and some extras. Look for it on sale in January.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite Uncle Rock tracks performed live, with another live video and one of those new videos after the jump. (More at his YouTube page.)

Uncle Rock - "It's Hot! (Don't Touch It!)"

Uncle Rock - "Rock Out!" (live)

And finally, one of those two new videos on the DVD.

Uncle Rock - "Playin' Possum"