Sesame Street Goes Global, Musically

Yes, Putumayo Kids has a very full release schedule, with African Dreamland the next CD scheduled for release in March.

But it's their next CD that really has me jazzed.

In a recent interview Putumayo Kids director Mona Kayhan reveals what's to come:

"It's our first collaboration with Sesame Street — we're calling it Sesame Street Playground, and it has all their songs from all around the world. For example, you've got the "Rubber Ducky" song in Chinese or the opening song in Dutch."

Sound unheard, I wonder whether this is a better idea in concept than as an actual album, but if done properly, I think it'd be a pretty great global introduction for a lot of families.

Update: Apparently the Sesame Street CD's been pushed back to September. Just so you know...

Y'know, the obvious YouTube clip here is the Sesame Street theme song (seeing as Sesame Workshop's new video player doesn't have a clip available), but given the international flavor of this post, I thought I'd post Ozomatli's energetic reworking of the melody and the 2007 South by Southwest Festival.

Ozomatli - "Sesame Street Theme Song"