ACL Fest (Austin Kiddie Limits) 2007: Day 3 Report

You know, by the time you've been listening to music for about 20 hours in a 36-hour period, your focus tends to wander. Yeah, yeah, drums. Yo La Tengo, sure. Where the heck is that water bottle?

But I came here to Austin with a job to do and I'm going to do it. After all, I'm a professional.

Actually, no, I'm not.

But I'm here.

In any case, Day 3 here at the Austin Kiddie Limits stage and I'm without Miss Mary Mack, who slept in until 9 AM this morning and is relaxing back at the (metaphorical) ranch with her grandma. After filing my Day 2 report at the press tent, I dashed over to the stage, just in time to catch We Go To 11... pose for pictures. Sorry, guys, maybe next time.

FarmerJasonSunACL.jpgAnyway, now I'm liveblogging the Farmer Jason set. I suppose "liveblogging" is probably stretching it, seeing as the stage isn't wireless-enabled I won't post this until Monday morning. But, yeah, I'm at the Austin Kiddie Limits stage without a kid and with a laptop on top of, uh, my lap.

I am such a geek.

Jason is doing some of the songs he did yesterday, some new stuff. He did perform "Forest Rhymes" again -- he was given the challenge of rhyming "triceratops" in the song, which really didn't work at all, and was not, as far as I'm aware, not really a forest animal. But, hey, the crowd seemed to appreciate it.

The sounds of Yo La Tengo are drifting over, and I wouldn't mind walking over to see them, but I'm waiting to catch a brief interview with Farmer Jason. And I don't want to miss the Jellydots. So hear I stay.

DougJellydotsACL.jpg... So, after a brief interview with Jason, I head back to the front of the stage just in time to see Doug Snyder and the rest of the Jellydots walk on stage. There's a sizable crowd there, many of whom appear familiar with Doug. They turn in "Hey You Kids!," "Mister Gloom," and some other song I don't remember because I stopped actual notes yesterday afternoon (oh, wait, it was "Race Cars Go!," which ends with a tiniest bit of guitar shredding). They also played a new track, "Sunshine," which will be on their forthcoming CD, which Doug mentioned as having a Nov. 25th release date. As they launched into "San Diego," another new track, I took my leave and headed back to the shuttle bus.

OK, I wanted to catch one song from the Broken West. They led off with "So It Goes." Great song, especially live. So now there are two sets I really want to see that I'm having to miss.

So now I'm, yes, liveblogging from the shuttle bus. Talk about devoted. (That, and talk about how little time I'm going to have to blog this when I get back after escaping from household and most parental duties for 4 days.)

In reading (and writing) these posts, I've noticed just how... sequential these daily recaps have been. I heard this band, then did this, then collapsed from the heat. I'll have one more post soon with random thoughts and memories from the Festival.

I'll also have a recap of the Family Music Meltdown, so stay tuned.