Release Date for They Might Be Giants' Here Come the 123s Set

Yes, Bill, I'm excited. Very excited (and thanks for the heads-up). They Might Be Giants' next album, Here Come the 123s, will be released by Disney Sound on October 2. You can preorder the DVD/CD set from Amazon here. This Might Be a Wiki has the tracklisting here, but since it got pulled from the Disney Sound pre-order, let me list it after the jump...

It's not entirely clear if the list of tracks is in CD order. I don't know whether I like the "numerical" order of things. Looks like the number 11 got screwed, though... I mean, 7 gets two songs, and no love for 11. You think "7," and you think "11," too, right?

Here Come the 123s
One Everything
Number Two
Triops Has Three Eyes
Apartment Four
High Five!
The Secret Life of Six
Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go To Work)
Figure Eight
Pirate Girls Nine
Nine Bowls of Soup
Ten Mississippi
One Dozen Monkeys
Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip
I Can Add
Even Numbers
One Two Three Four
Oooo Laaa Oooo Laaa
Heart of the Band
Hot Dog!
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme