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    New Music from the Jellydots: "San Diego"

    The Jellydots traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina about a month ago to perform at the Tricycle Music Fest. In addition to performing a special version of their hit "Bicycle" (take a wild guess at how they modified it and watch here to see if you guessed correctly), they debuted a song from their upcoming album.

    Musically, it's got a sunny, late-California afternoon sort-of vibe. It's sort of hard to make out the lyrics in the muddy audio mix, but the chorus is pretty clear:

    "Why don't we go to San Diego? / We can sign up this year / Why don't we go to San Diego? / I'm gonna pack up my gear."

    The song seems pretty relatable to kids, but considering the line midway through - "It gets so hot in Texas" - it seems like this is a case of real (adult) life inspiring the song, as Jellydots main man Doug Snyder recently moved from Austin to here in Phoenix. Now, ordinarily I might cry foul ("Hey, where's the song about Phoenix?"), but I gotta tell you, "Phoenix" is not nearly as easy to stick in a chorus as "San Diego."

    "Why don't we fix transportation in Phoenix?"
    "Why do I get neck cricks looking at houses in Phoenix?"

    So Doug gets a pass.

    Anyway, enjoy.

    Reader Comments (1)

    Oh, boy. You've got aNOTHER career in songwriting, after music critic! Nice.

    My husband grew up in San Diego, so I've been very excited about this song! I've only known one person who lived in Phoenix, and then only for a year, so that doesn't work for me as much. But hey, if it's good enough,,,, Plus, san deigo has the zoo and sea world.

    Oh, try cheese sticks?
    August 2, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterdeb in sf

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