Yet Another List of Favorite CDs...

Some people get writing (or quoting) gigs they think are cool and let a lot of people know. (I would, uh, fall into that category. Just want to make sure you guys know about this stuff.)

Then there's Warren Truitt, who writes Kids Music That Rocks. I enjoy Warren's reviews for the sheer passion that shines through. He doesn't review a huge number of CDs, but those he does get some lavish praise. (I'd say that even if his tastes weren't reasonably similar to mine.)

What Warren does not do, apparently, is self-promote. Not a smidgen of his glowing language was used to note that his list of "12 Kids' Albums You Can't Live Without" was the cover story in the July School Library Journal. (Seeing as he's a children's librarian for the New York City Public Library's Donnell Central Children's Room, that's, well, appropriate. Not to mention cool.)

Check it out for some familiar names and some less-familiar ones, too.