Music Criticism and a Nice Kids' Desk

Sharp-eyed readers of this website will notice a new button in the sidebar, one for the Land of Nod Music Store. In part of my plan to take over the world spread quality kids' music criticism, Zooglobble music reviews will now appear at the Land of Nod's newly relaunched music store. If you go over there (really, go, check it out), you'll see that all their CDs are priced at $13.98 or less, with free shipping to boot.

Why the Land of Nod? Well, I think they're a kids' retailer who definitely "gets it," musically. Their selection is broad (rock, classical, folk, the whole gamut), but definitely hand-picked. They've been doing kids' music in their stores for some time. (When I first talked with them, I suggested a number of CDs they should pick up, including Lunch Money's Silly Reflection. They said, "Yeah, we've carried that for awhile.") And Scott Eirinberg, one of the co-founders, is a big music fan, dating back to his college music journalism days (and before, no doubt).

Finally, a couple notes for those worried about conflict of interest issues. First, I am not getting paid in any way based on sales from this site. I'll link to Land of Nod pages if applicable and/or if I remember, but there's no quid pro quo involved. Second, the reviews are unedited. Well, they've edited out links to other stores (fair enough) and cleaned up spelling and grammar (thank you!), but other than that, they've left the reviews intact, warts and criticisms and all. (See their page for Woody Guthrie's Songs To Grow On For Mother and Child for an example of a less-than-stellar review.)

So I'm proud to be associated with the store and hope my reviews there help some more people discover music for their family.