Road Trip! (Oh, Wait, We're Flying. Mostly.)

Our family actually spent much of last week in Austin, Texas, where my mom and brother and his family live (and where I spent a number of years growing up). We met my one-and-only nephew for the first time (cute kid), saw the water rushing out of Mansfield Dam as the region recovered from a 50-year-flood, and generally hung out and avoided responsibility. We also lost the keys to the rental car right before we headed back to the airport (note to self: never give keys to your 2-year-old, no matter how desperate you are to occupy him while you finish packing).

Well, that last issue won't be a problem this September when my daughter and I head back to Austin to attend the great Austin City Limits Festival, from September 14 through 16. That's right, Zooglobble goes on the road for the first time. We'll be wandering around, talking to artists at Austin Kiddie Limits, checking out some of the other bands (see my draft and incredibly unrealistic given that I'm traveling with a 6-year-old schedule here), and, assuming that there is a) a press tent, and b) it has a high-speed internet connection, providing some reasonably live coverage of the event.

We've got press passes, housing (thanks, Mom!), and plane tickets. Now, the plane tickets are acutally to Dallas (that's what I get for waiting so long to make reservations), but that'll give me a chance to show the plains of Central Texas to my daughter, who's not been on I-35 before.

Am I missing a band I should check out? Any tips for attending a kids music festival with a 6-year-old? Any of you going to be there? Let me know!