See, Mom? External Validation!

Welcome to any readers finding me from this morning's article on kids music in the Austin American-Statesman. For a YAKMA (Yet Another Kids Music Article), it's pretty good. I say that not because it quotes me (pshaw, who cares?) or Dan Zanes (I think it's in the kids' music journalist bylaws that one interview him on the subject), but because it also quotes more under-the-radar artists such as Austin's Biscuit Brothers and Barry Louis Polisar.

OK, maybe the mention of the Fids and Kamily poll had a little something to do with it. And the fact that the the Statesman is my hometown paper away from my hometown paper was kinda nice. My mom -- who still lives in Austin -- got a kick out of it, too.

Anyway, look around the place for lots more great kids music, regardless of whether or not you know my mom.