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    Are Rufus Leaking and Meg White an Item?

    I haven't spent nearly enough time talking about the inspired weirdness of Pancake Mountain, but for now, these YouTube videos will have to do.

    And, frankly, with hipsters (The White Stripes, Wayne Coyne, Lily Allen, Lewis Black) at Bonnaroo, low-fi production values, and Rufus Leaking, the greatest goat this side of The Sound of Music, these clips pretty much tell you all you need to know.

    Rufus and Meg don't exchange many words, but I think it's love...

    Highlight on this one -- Wayne Coyne and friends singing "Daydream Believer"

    Highlight here -- "John the Revelator" duet with the White Stripes and Rufus

    (Thanks to Stereogum for the heads up.)

    For what it's worth, the video below, the Mountain's first (going back a number of years), is -- all due respect to They Might Be Giants -- the best vowel song ever.

    The Evens - "Vowel Movement"

    I tell you, this idea of culturally cool stars on TV shows ostensibly for kids is such an invention of this generation of parents.

    (Of course, at least we don't post Confederate flags in our music videos.)

    Reader Comments (1)

    Pancake Mountain has often had music and humor worthy of SNL at its most adventurous and anarchic. Two of my favorite skits are when the intrepid puppet Rufus harangues George Clinton about where he will park the Mothership, and debates Henry Rollins over who is really sheriff.

    But the best thing about the show is that it isn't merely a hip adult program in kids' disguise; it takes children's imagination seriously without dumbing things down for them. In my house, four-year old Amelia goes gaga over the Fiery Furnaces' should-be dance craze "Mouse House, Moose Hoose," while one-year old Matthew can't get enough of Scott Stuckey's gentle "Blueberry Boy" cartoon.

    For more about Pancake Mountain, I invite you to check out the essay I recently wrote for Stuck Between Stations (with lots of clips, and a reference to Zooglobble).

    PS: Loved the Johnny Cash "Ghost Riders" clip. I'm glad he didn't sing "Sunday Morning Coming Down."
    July 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRoger Moore

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