A Tale of Two Songs (and Videos)

There are at least a couple videos for songs off the latest Putumayo collection for kids, Animal Playground (review).

The first is for Asheba's "No More Monkeys," a song which I freely admit that I don't like (and that, frankly, is putting it mildly. Which I do a lot.) The video is not without its charms, however, and I think it's fun for kids.

Now, the true discovery on the disk is the Be Good Tanyas' "The Littlest Birds," which was the leadoff track on their debut Blue Horse. This video, while kid-appropriate, isn't the most exciting in the world. But the song -- that song is great.

So here's the deal -- tell them you'll let 'em watch "No More Monkeys" if they watch "The Littlest Birds."

Because parenting is all about compromise.

(Thanks to Z Recommends for the heads-up on the Be Good Tanyas video.)