One More Place That Talks About Kids Music

Hey, there's this great new website called Offsprung that's about parenting, about humor, about interconnecting, man, and it's being headed up by Neal Pollack, and it's got this great kids music website that's known as Zooglobble and--

Wait a minute.

Yeah, that's me over there, spreading the word about kids music far and wide.

For the most part, I'll be posting the same things there that I'm posting here, though there will be the occasional Offsprung-only post (and some stuff posted here I'm just too lazy to post there) -- I'll try to remember to let you know here when I'm posting something just for the other site. As you may have already heard, The Lovely Mrs. Davis has her own site over there called Huxtabled, in which she'll tackle kids TV and video. Maybe we'll even get into a few point/counterpoint things.

You can read my welcome to the world here. Do stop by, say hello, and check out the other writers there. Should be a fun community.