Listen To This: "Hop Hop" by Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke

No, not hip-hop, though I'd love to hear what Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke would come up with in that genre, too (I'm thinkin' De La Soul). Instead, we have '50s guitar mixed with some Brian Wilson-esque vocal layering. Lots of fun, just like every other song they've let us listen to. (Track #6 on the player linked above.)

It includes -- twice -- the non-sequitur line, "A potbellied pig in every backyard." A pot-bellied pig is not the first animal that came to my mind given the song's title, but maybe it's a eulogy in honor of Max, George Clooney's pig. (That obit, by the way, is one of the funnier things I've read in quite some time.)