KidVid Tournament 2007 Champion: "Pieces of 8ight" - Captain Bogg & Salty

After a furious day and a half of voting from more than 100 readers, we have a winner in our first (and probably not last) KidVid Tournament:

PIECES OF 8IGHT! from Captain Bogg & Salty

Frances England's "Tricycle" put up a good fight, but when you've got one of that video's stars, England's son Liam, voting for the competition, well, you know you're facing an unstoppable force.

So the heartiest of congratulations from this landlubber to Captain Bogg's crew and to all the artists whose videos have amused us here the past few weeks. You have acquitted yourself admirably. I cannot offer you pieces of 8ight, but I can offer you my admiration.

I will be randomly selecting a winner from the voters in the final and asking which CD they'd like to receive.

Now, for one last time, your KidVid Tournament 2007 champion, "Pieces of 8ight," from Captain Bogg & Salty:

(And because what tournament would be complete without "One Shining Moment"?)