Readers Who Need Readers: Help Identify This Album

A request from a reader who is disdainful of capitalization (but that's ok, i am too sometimes):

i am hoping you can help me put a name to a musician i remember from
my childhood... here are all the details i can remember:
> early 70s
> it was on a cassette tape (possibly from sears)
> the cassette had a face on it, with the reel holes being eyes
> folk songs interspersed with short narration about the songs
> the only songs i can remember for sure: someone's in the kitchen, jimmy crack corn, something about flies (shoo fly ple?)
> mostly (if not all) guitar and maybe banjo

A brief Google search on my part turned up nothing -- I think this is going to have to rely on a reader with a long memory. Any suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments.