Dan Zanes' Slow-Moving Plan To Rule The Kids' Music Industry

Remember when I said that I thought there was room for some more small kids' music labels?

Well, Dan Zanes has obviously been thinking along the same lines, because in his latest newsletter he's announced that he's signed up both Barbara Brousal and Father Goose to do albums for his Festival Five label. Now, Zanes has released a couple less-kid-specific albums of his own, and re-released an old album featuring David Jones, but this is the first step toward creating a family music empire and total Zanes-ian domination.

Or maybe it's just a couple CDs from his bandmates. CDs which ought to be cool, to varying degrees.

I'm going with the latter option.

Anyway, it more than made up for hearing that Brousal won't be making the Tucson stop on his upcoming tour. (Oh well, Charlie Faye's voice is pretty good, too.)