New Wiggle Already Experienced Interview Pro

As regular readers are well aware, we don't typically do much Wiggles coverage 'round here. No particular reason other than my kids have never expressed any Wiggles interest.

But they're coming to Phoenix next week, March 8 to be exact. That date, a Thursday, already tells you two important things about the Wiggles: 1) they're obviously geared toward preschoolers, and 2) they are the rare, if only, pure kids' music act that can actually sell tickets for a weekday show.

In any case, Sam Moran, who's the new Yellow Wiggle (replacing Greg Page after his retirement for medical reasons) gave a brief interview with our major local newspaper and proved himself already a good interview. He deftly avoided answering a groaner of a question (you'll know it when you read it) while, in response to another question, getting off one of the zippier one-liners I've seen:

Q: How many times have you sung "Fruit Salad"? How do you keep it fresh?

A: "Fruit Salad"'s always better when it's fresh.

Well played, Sam, well played.