Sippy Cups / Daddy-A-Go-Go LIVE at SXSW

I'm not sure that Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix are the best artists to show off the future of kids music, but you blog with the YouTube video you have, not the YouTube video you need.

See what an intrigued parent chose to upload to YouTube after the break.
First, it's the Sippy Cups' version of Pink Floyd's "Bike," one of the Cups' first songs in their repetoire:

I love the way the parent says he "was so caught off guard I damn near stepped on all the little ones trying to glide my way to the front for good footage" -- you'll see exactly what he means as you watch.

Second, it's Daddy-A-Go-Go's 12-year-old son Max Boydston turning out a very respectable rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" -- nice touch considering they probably weren't playing too far away from the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan, whose version of the tune was well beyond "very respectable."