KidVid Tournament 2007: "I Hog The Ground" (1) vs. "Forest Rhymes" (4)

The first competition in KidVid Tournament 2007 pits the #1 seed in the Lead Belly Region, "I Hog The Ground (Groundhog Song)" from Steve Burns and Steven Drozd against the #4 seed, "Forest Rhymes" from Farmer Jason.

Vote in the comments below. Rules: Video with most votes wins. One vote per e-mail address, please. Votes due by Friday noon-ish East Coast time.

"I Hog The Ground (Groundhog Song)" - Steve Burns and Steven Drozd
In spite of the Viacom-YouTube lawsuit, the video is still available there if you know where to look. When that inevitably gets removed (again), just go to Jack's Big Music Show player. Currently it's the video that plays whenever you go to the page, but if it's not the case later, just roll over the picture of a balding guy with the "I [Heart] Ground" shirt and click.

"Forest Rhymes" - Farmer Jason
Click here to view on Rhino's website or on the larger YouTube screen.