KidVid Tournament 2007: Nominate the 16th Video

As I discuss elsewhere, we're running Zooglobble's first KidVid Tournament over the next couple weeks or so. I'm looking to readers to pick the 16th video. (It's a play-in game!)

Nominate your favorite(s) in the comments below. The video with the most comments will be picked, as long as the video conforms to the following rules (there are always rules, aren't there... it's a parenting thing):

1. The video has to be publicly accessible on the internet -- sites requiring registration to view the whole video will not be accepted.
2. The whole video has to be available (I call this the "Ralph's World" rule because the Disney website only includes 1-minute selections of his videos).
3. The video has to be from the past year or so. The song doesn't have to be, though.
4. Artists with a video already in the tournament (see list here) are ineligible for this final slot.

I reserve the right to modify the rules above to account for things I'm not bright enough to anticipate.

Deadline for nominations/votes: 8 PM West Coast time / 11 PM East Coast time Monday, March 19.

Power to the people! (Or something like that.) Show me what I've missed.