It's Already February, And I Have A Third Most Favorite Song

Yes, "I Wish I Lived In Michigan" is awesome. So is "I Hog The Ground (Groundhog Song)".

But I have a third awesome song to share: Georgie James' "The Grizzly Jive."

The track is off the forthcoming DeSoto Records kids' compilation Play!, which I've been anticipating for awhile now.

I got an advance copy this week, and while you'll have to wait awhile for my review, this bubbly indiepop track from the new-ish DC-based duo is just so great that I need to spread the word now.

And I find to my delight DeSoto Records is super-obliging, offering up a full mp3 of the song at its Downloads page. You can also download "Always Check For Holes," from Channels w/ Damon Locks. (Channels includes former Jawbox member J. Robbins and Janet Morgan, who supplies the British accent on the track.)

Go. Now.