Rhinos, Chickens, and Dogs For Sale (In Handy CD Format)

I don't normally point out sales on CDs here (OK, I don't think I've ever done so), but Kohl's is having a sale on Sandra Boynton book/CD collections. Not only are they just $5 apiece, but 100% of net profits supports Kohl's Cares for Kids, which provides "health and educational opportunities for children nationwide." Hey, it's for the kids! The kids, folks!

Rhinoceros Tap
Philadelphia Chickens (review)
Dog Train (review)

I found the last two a bit uneven, but there are pretty good tracks on each of 'em, and I know that some families adore 'em.

There are plush stuffed animals for sale, too, but you'll have to find a different website to review those.