50th Grammy Award Nominations Announced

The 50th Annual Grammy Awards Nominations are out and there are actually some familiar names on the list, at least on the musical side...

Best Musical Album For Children
(For albums consisting of predominantly music or song vs. spoken word.)

Chickens - Buck Howdy With BB [Prairie Dog Entertainment]
Experience...101 - Sweet Honey In The Rock [Appleseed]
A Green And Red Christmas - The Muppets (Ted Kryczko & Ed Mitchel, producers) [Walt Disney Records]
I Wanna Play - Bill Harley [Round River Records]
My Green Kite - Peter Himmelman [Rounder]
The Velveteen Rabbit - Love Can Make You Real - Various Artists (Don Sebesky & Janina Serden, producers) [Brown Barn Records]

I haven't heard the Muppets or Velveteen Rabbit disks, so I have no idea if those are inspired or mistaken choices, but the other 4 are not surprising choices. And while those 4 are all decent (or better) I have a clear favorite -- I think it's time Mr. Himmelman picked himself up a Grammy.

As for the spoken word...

Best Spoken Word Album For Children
(For albums consisting of predominantly spoken word vs. music or song.)

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Jim Dale [Listening Library]
Making The Heart Whole Again: Stories For A Wounded World - Milbre Burch [Kind Crone Productions]
The One And Only Shrek - Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci [Audio Renaissance]
Who's Got Game? The Ant Or The Grasshopper? The Lion Or The Mouse? Poppy Or The Snake? - Toni Morrison [Simon & Schuster Audio]
Wickety Whack - Brer Rabbit Is Back - Diane Ferlatte [Diane Ferlatte]