Teenage Pregnancy and Kids Music

I have not spoken enough (OK, at all) of Barry Louis Polisar, who's been writing and performing songs for kids (and, really, just for kids) for 30 years now. Despite the occasional foray into songs about commercial zoning (republished here from a Washington Post article last year), his songs have been pinpointed at the interests of youth (typical title -- Polisar's classic "Underwear").

So now, as if the boundaries of kids' music haven't expanded enough comes news that the opening credits from the new movie Juno, about a teenager who becomes pregnant, will be run under a song from Polisar's 30-year-old album My Brother Thinks He's a Banana. That's right, "All I Want Is You" is Polisar's own work. (If you want to hear a sample, go here and listen to the sample from track #10 on Old Dogs, New Tricks at the top.)

A sweet song, really, unlike most of Polisar's work. (Which isn't to say the rest of his work is bad. But "sweet" is not an adjective often applied there...)