The Dees Blow It Up Big-Time

OK, perhaps mentions on an Esquire blog and a local television aren't quite the equivalent of, say, American Idol, but baby steps, man, baby steps.

Brooklyn's rockin' Deedle Deedle Dees have pulled off the unusual double-header.

First off, Esquire's Matt Marinovich's writes of his day as a children's band roadie. It's from a show the Dees did a couple weeks ago. It's an amusing read (plus a good description of a Dees show). My favorite part (and not just because there's a hint of my own life in there)?

A woman puts her hand on my shoulder. I turn around, expecting that I’m about to be offered my first sexual favor. Instead, it’s Beth, a friend of my wife’s. She’s there with her two kids.

“What are you doing here?” she says.

“I’m the band’s “roadie,” I says, putting quotes around “roadie” with my fingers to indicate mature, cynical detachment. This doesn’t seem to help matters. I turn around and hear her whispering something to the mom next to her. Feeling an urge to clarify things, I turn around and smile at her.

“I should have called my wife,” I say, as if the thought had just occurred to me. “Had her bring down the kids.”

“That would have been a good idea,” Beth says, looking at me warily. “It’s a kids’ concert, right?”

Or, if you don't like the dry wit of an Esquire blogger, how about the earnestness of a local TV news broadcast? Like this one, which inexplicably is on a Charleston, SC NBC affiliate's webpage. The video talks about chief Dee songwriter Lloyd Miller's Nature Babies program in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. The text on the page is essentially a transcript of the video, but if you watch the video, you can hear snippets of "I'm A Duck." I'm totally expecting that on the next Dees album.