Clap Your Hands. Stomp Your Feet.

Long before I spent lots of time with children's music -- or at least spent lots of time writing about children's music -- I wrote a baseball blog. There's not much to say about it -- I enjoyed the writing, but got burned out by the daily nature of it. Covering a team that ended up losing more than 100 games in 2004 didn't help, either. Trying to figure out how to write, "we're really bad" in new ways every day is a creatively draining experience. It's almost as bad as trying to figure out how to write, "we're neither good nor bad" in new ways every day (which was my 2005 experience).

That's right, I'm an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. I've got a soft spot in my heart for other baseball squads -- the Twins, the Rangers, even the Giants -- but the Diamondbacks are my favorite professional team in any sport.

So I'm excited to be going to Game 2 of tonight's National League Divisional Series against the Cubs. My seats are waaaay the heck up there, and one of the friends I'm going with is a Cubs fan, for goodness' sake, but I'll be there. It's weird, because it's clear the Diamondbacks, though talented, are here in large part due to luck (and an excellent bullpen). As a result, there's an excitement around the team that isn't laden with pressure or nervousness. It's kinda exhilerating.

My record in attending playoff games is mixed. Went to a game against the Mets in '99. Lost that one. Been to first-round playoff games for the Suns and Coyotes, and they've lost those, too.

But I was in the crowd for Arizona's first professional sporting championship. OK, it was Arena Football and the Arizona Rattlers, but still.

Oh, and I was there for Game Seven of the 2001 World Series where the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees. Total pandemonium.

So on the whole, I guess I've done OK.

Anyway, to those of you whose teams didn't make it (sorry, Seattle), my condolences. To those of you cheering on the 8 playoff teams, best of luck (except once they play the Yankees).

And to all of you, which children's song would you choose as your "strolling to the plate" music?